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Questionnaire and Survey Services: Gather Responses with Surveys. Reach everyone, everywhere.

Market Research


Surveys allow companies, organizations, NGOs, local governments, and individuals to gather information about their consumers or whatever the interest is, converting information to meaningful and understandable data. This leads to having clear insights, understanding the whole picture, and leads to better decision-making through converting information to conclusions. For example, questionnaires on purchasing behavior, willingness to buy new products or models, and purchase power are examples of essential survey topics for businesses. It also helps companies understand the customers’ anticipated needs for services or products. Companies can provide further service development and increase sales. Survey results can generate higher sales by encouraging customers. As well, gathering their feedback on making products or services better and profitable.

Surveys are a fantastic way to show your customers you care about them. Properly conducted surveys allow you to gain an extra edge over your competitors. DEISO offers professional surveys services that can effectively handle every phase of your survey project.


  • Writing survey questions.
  • Collecting and analyzing the information.
  • Segmenting databases and maintaining lists, information, and answers.
  • Data analysis and visualization.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Report writing.
  • Developing online forms for responses.
  • Consultation on the best online survey platforms to collect the answers.
  •  Advice on how to distribute your surveys online.
  • Whether you distribute the questioners offline or online, we handle all the processes from designing and writing the questions to the data analysis and reporting phase.
  • You can host your online survey forms for free on our cloud hosting.
  • Advanced charts.
  • Advanced visualized charts.
  • Advanced infographic.
  • Analysis of collected surveys using Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) methods, depending on the questionnaire type. We perform quantitative analysis, QDA analysis, or a mixed method of both.

Benefits of Surveys

DEISO provides a well-designed questionnaire that effectively provides you with the benefits you need to develop your business, increase your sales, or even enhance your academic work. Using our survey services provides excellent questionnaire tools that show both the pros and cons of your product or service. Using our services, we can provide you with several options for creating and distributing questionnaires and provides you with the resources you need to achieve great surveys. If you want help using the survey services, you can consult with us any time.

Key Features of our Questionnaire and Survey Services

Advanced Data Analysis

Quantitative and Qualitative DATA Analysis

Advanced Results Presentation

Advanced visualized results, infographics, and exclusive summaries

Advanced Data Analysis

Quantitative and Qualitative DATA Analysis

Online Dashboards

Access and see the results on online dashboards.

Cloud Hosting

We develop & design the online questionnaire forms and host them on our cloud hosting. Our customers can choose to subscribe to online questionnaire services and provide us with the collected information or they can host subscribe to third-party services.

Outstanding customer support

We provide outstanding customer support. We also follow-up with our customers from the first stage of the work to delivering the final results.

Also for Academia

We also provide the service for academia. To help in collecting information & data for research work projects.

Online Dashboards

Access and see the results on online dashboards.

We work on several topics of surveys

  • Consumer Satisfaction.
  • Customers’ opinion and feedback surveys.
  • Product market analysis or evaluation surveys.
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction.

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