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Chemical Process Simulation


The chemical industry is incredibly growing, demanding, and competitive. Projects are often carried out in a laboratory on a lab scale. It is necessary to prove their importance through chemical process simulation and optimization. Also, to guide the experimental laboratory work, improve and foster chemical-based technology development, and risk analysis, including safety, environmental consequences, and cost.

On the other hand, regulatory changes occur in the industry, market demands, and customer expectations are constant obstacles. Chemical industries demand minimal financial risk, manage performance forecasts, and the effective mangment of by-products and wastes. On the fastest path between concept and production, they become more demanding for acquiring accurate, up-to-date information, data, and optimization. Addressing such needs lead to making the right decisions regarding the projects, whether in industry or academia.

Companies can analyze and compare individual synthesis routes for making new products. Considering the research criteria and buy moving from imagining the possible to testing the possibilities through chemical process simulation. The simulation and optimization services your company needs enable it to improve the production operations. Buy increasing its profitability and safety and reducing its impact on the environment and human health. We help you also accelerate discovering new and innovative products, synthesis routes, Carbon Dioxide utilization, and testing the use of alternative and greener chemicals.

The simulation and optimization services you need enable your chemical production or research plans to improve their operations, increase their profitability, and reduce their impact on the environment and human health, such as human toxicity. We help you also accelerate discovering new and innovative products, synthesis routes, Carbon Dioxide utilization, and testing the use of alternative and greener chemicals as a feed of your experimental work.


DEISO provides plant design and process-specific simulation services including, industrial chemicals reactors, catalysts, distillation-related equipment, distillation columns, and complete processes analysis with energy reduction and utilization, minimization of the plant feed, reduction of chemical waste, product purification, chemical separations, renewable energy analysis implementation, steam analysis, development of recycling methods, overall parameters optimization. Our chemical process simulation services include several analyses that cover all dynamics and molecular processes. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a powerful feature of our service to measure and evaluate all the environmental impacts of the processes, plant, or technology. Also, it highlights the hotspots of environmental issues, investigates opportunities for improvement, and compares your routes with other competitors from environmental, energy safety, and cost perspectives. We consider multiple environmental impacts evaluation through the LCA techniques including, e.g., climate change, human toxicity, and ecosystem toxicity.

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