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DEISO Training

DEISO Training

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Environmental Sustainability, Environmental Engineering, & Sustainable Development Training

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Professional Training Programs

Choose one of the professional Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Training Programs from the available four. The “Basic Programs,” “Intermediate Program,” “Advanced Program,” and “Expert Program”

openLCA Training Programs

Master openLCA for commercial or academic purposes.
Choose between “Basic” and “Advanced” openLCA training.

SimaPro LCA Training Programs

Master the industry and academic leading SimaPro LCA Software for commercial or academic purposes. Choose between “Student”, “Academic Researcher”, “Professional”, and “Expert” Training Programs

GaBi LCA Training Programs

Master the industry-leading GaBi ts LCA Software for commercial or academic purposes. Choose between “Starter,” “Professional,” “Advanced,” and “Expert” Training Models

ecoinvent Database Training Programs

Complete training on ecoinvent, the industry-leading LCA database, including how to use it in GaBi ts, SimaPro, or openLCA with full training. Comprehensive web-based training of the database. An analytical LCA case study is also included. Select from the “Basic” or “Advanced” training packages.

MiLCA LCA Professional Training Program

Designed for individuals and companies, this MiLCA training course is delivered online or in person by a DEISO Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) expert. Basic and advanced topics in MiLCA and associated database principles are covered

All-in-One Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Training Training Program

 LCA Method, LCA Software, & ecoinvent Database Training

openLCA Training Program for Waste Managemen

Join our specialized openLCA training for waste management. Dive deep into the dedicated program tailored for modeling LCA projects in the field of waste management.

Specialist Training Program of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) Reporting

A professional training program will prepare employees for responding to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) needs, conducting more effective due diligence, reading and understanding existing reports, reviewing and editing reports, collaboratively preparing and writing ESG reports, and assisting their organizations in making better investment decisions with the knowledge and abilities gained through it.

Circular Economy Training Program

Train your organization’s employees on the circular economy via professional skills, waste management, resource efficiency, and business models; all essential and advanced topics are covered—a case study teaches data, methods, and tools from idea to practice.

Greenhouse Gas GHG Accounting Training Program

This curriculum gives extensive calculations utilizing Microsoft Excel and openLCA, as well as case studies. GHG Protocol, value chain, data visualization, analysis, and reporting. Covering Scopes 1-3.

Aspen Plus Chemical Engineering Training Programs

Master Aspen Plus for commercial or academic purposes.
Choose between “Professional” and “Expert” training models.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Training Programs

We provide Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Training Programs of “Professional” and “Advanced.” Choose the one that best meets your requirements.

Lead GHG Verifier Training Program

The GHG Lead Verifier training program helps your business satisfy ISO 14064 climate change standards. Covers ISO 14064 (Parts 1-3), GHG inventories, and management system requirements. Needs-fulfilling. ISO 14064-Parts 1 and 3 are combined with carbon-neutral accounting in addition to GHG emissions of Scopes 1-3.

Sustainability Independent Consultant (SIC) Training Programs

“DEISO company, a leader in environmental and sustainability education, provides the “Sustainability Independent Consultant (SIC) Training Programs” tailored for individuals from various sectors like industry, academia, and corporations, aiming to excel as skilled “independent sentimental sustainability consultants.” The program offers two comprehensive tracks: “Professional” and “Advanced.”

Material Flow Analysis (MFA)​

A training program built exclusively for organizations in emerging countries such as municipalities, local governments, and private waste management companies to assist them in managing and developing the most proper and sustainable municipal solid waste management systems. In an integrated and holistic manner.

Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management​

Learn the concepts of Sustainability and sustainable development Science in theory and practice: Environmental; Economic, and special aspects. Covering a wide array of sustainability vital issues.

Social Life Cycle Assessment

Learn Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA): Method, concepts, applications, data, and software.

LCA Reporting​

Learn how to professionally report a result of an LCA study in accordance with the LCA ISO standard . A customer can choose between Industrial LCA reporting or academic reporting (e.g., academic paper, scientific study, academic report). Covering a wide spectrum of LCA applications.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)​

SDGs advocate for ending poverty, protecting the planet, and ensuring prosperity for all. 17 goals and 169 targets assist countries toward sustainable development. The SDGs provide a universal framework for sustainable development. They’re crucial since they’re attainable and help monitor progress. We teach you how to identify the relevant gold to your organization, how to implement it in your development program, how to set SDG targets, and how to monitor progress.

Environmental Management Systems​

Employees can benefit from environmental management training in a short time. This program improves ecological performance. Finding a program that matches your company’s environmental management needs sometimes is not easy. Many programs teach workers to identify and reduce environmental hazards. This program covers multidisciplinary, regional, and country-specific ecological management concerns. It conducts exams and case studies and goes much beyond the basics. This course in an environmental-engineering oriented

Environmental Safety and Risk Management​

In order to ensure the safe and efficient management of environmental risks, it is important for individuals and organizations to take a holistic and proactive approach to risk assessment and management. By implementing responsible safety measures, individuals and businesses can help minimize the potential negative impacts of environmental risks on people, property, and the environment.

Integrated Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (E-Waste)​

A training program designed specifically for emerging countries of organizations such as municipalities, local governments, and private e-waste management companies to help them manage and develop Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment systems in an integrated and holistic approach.


Learn all about the key features

DEISO sustainability
DEISO sustainability
DEISO sustainability

Key Features

(Fixed prices per 1 trainee. Discounted prices are available for 2+ trainees. Request a quotation today)

Special Features of the Remote (Online Training)

A platform you know

Using the Zoom App (

Digital Whiteboards
Live View

A live view of explanations & illustrations on a physical whiteboard.

Cutting Edge Web Cam Technology

On-desk notes where trainees will receive. Handwritten explanations and illustrations by the instructor on his desk, both of which (3) and (4) utilize cutting-edge webcam technology).

Flexable hours per sessions

The trainee(s) can choose between (1 with 2 or 3 or 4) or (1 and 2-4, all). It is all about the trainee(s) preferences

Available also in Weekends

Available as well in weekends, Saturdays and Sundays

Remote Access

The trainee may remotely access your computer whenever appropriate and with your consent and instruct you on software on your own computer.

Flexible Scheduling

We are mindful of the various time zones for our clients who are from other countries. From 9 am to 11 pm Japan Standard Time, training is offered.

Professional training materials

Available during each session and after training completion of each program. Professional-made materials of illustrations, PowerPoint slides, Microsoft excel sheet, documents, databases, data ad more.

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