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Putting things together: A holistic, integrated, and life-thinking approach – Closing the loop of the circular economy, employing the power of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) & more.

Life Cycle Assessment for Experts (GaBi
Life Cycle Assessment for Experts (GaBi
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Our Services for Multi-Criteria Evaluations of Technology, Start-ups, & Projects

Life Cycle Assessments (LCA’s) are required by policymakers, businesses, and investors from nations like Japan, Europe, and China for technology evaluations, patent applications, and start-up evaluations of either acquisition, investment or planning in a wide range of industries such as chemicals, materials, metals, etc. considering the value and supply chains (and sometimes Scopes 1-3 emissions) . These industries demand state-of-the-art and cutting-edge thermal, chemical, material, municipal, solid, electronic, hazardous, and e-waste recycling and innovative technologies.

Another topic looked at with these approaches is recycling. The simulation, modeling, installation, or implementation processes use the materials produced during the production and waste phases. This is due to the interdependence of the two strategies. Because of the situation of the investment market and the state anticipated to exist in the market shortly, the industry wants to debate the technologies they should concentrate on (or the processes of a specific technology).

For instance, the Japanese setting promotes the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle), which are now generally recognized and followed globally, and a society that values recycling (recycling-oriented society). Developing the circular economy in Europe is astonishing, and it is possible to compare European and Asian circular economy models, for instance. Each nation shares information or expertise and learns from the other’s experiences. A third-party business must typically be involved in the process to complete all the duties above such as DEISO LLC. Besides, Globally in the initialized countries, Net-Emissions targets are critical and pressing. They also should be taken into conservation.

LCA for Experts (GaBi)
LCA for Experts (GaBi)

An Example of LCA model from Gradel-to-Grave

Life Cycle Assessment for Experts (GaBi
Life Cycle Assessment for Experts (GaBi

An Example of Visualised LCA results – Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA)

Chemical Process Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization: An Example of Chemical Plan Simulation (Simulate Chemical R&D)

An Example of Environmental Performance Profile of a Technology during Every Stage with LCA

They are determined by the project’s location, scope, timetable, and objectives. Therefore, to complete such projects, large enterprises in such nations can work with SME businesses like DESIO.

These will hasten the development of societies that value circularity and recycling. At DEISO, we provide straightforward responses to such detailed and complicated queries. For the analysis, planning, assessment, research, R&D projects, modeling, simulations, calculations, data-driven consultation, LCAs, Material Flow Analysis (MFA), Substance Flow Analysis (SFA), and other processes that go into our solutions, we use a systematic and comprehensive approach.

To assist our clients in achieving such lofty objectives, DEISO provides four business models:

  1. Model 1: With the team from the client of DEISO, with the customer’s team, or in our R&D department, we take on the complete project and finish the job to end at our side. We provide outcomes that are thoroughly data-documented (Submit a Request for a Quote for the individual service you need).
  2. Model 2: We provide hourly, monthly, or on-demand consultations. Based on a consultation agreement where we help with particular duties in part, our clients can schedule online consultations on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis. Submit a Request for a Quote for consultation. Or learn about our basic consultation services.
  3. Model 3: We provide professional and certified training programs for business personnel under our human resource development department training programs (see below the link to our training programs related to this service).
  4. Model 4: We provide services tailored to the project’s components individually, such as MFA, the circular economy, LCA, etc. The relevant services are listed in the links below.

Why should you choose DEISO for your project evaluating technology?


  • The languages of LCA, MFA, circular economy, waste management, process modeling, and simulation are native tongues for us.
  • We are a business with competence in sustainability.
  • An integrated life cycle thinking strategy is what we use.
  • Your selection of financial business models may be tailored to your requirements or project budget.
  • Our work is data-driven and documented. It is based on science.
  • We can work alone or jointly with your R&D team on your project.
  • Your project innovation is private and safe. Before working with your data, patents, prototypes, materials, etc., we sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement).
  • Sustainability and environmental engineering are combined.
  • We finish projects and tasks on schedule.
  • We will keep you informed on what is happening.
  • For every eventuality, we also have our outsourcing network whenever is needed to scale upm our team.
  • Both professional and academic backgrounds are ours.
  • We converse in the tone of your objectives.
  • We are serious about data privacy.
  • We operate in any industry pertinent to the objectives above and processes.

Individual Services

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Our Consultation business models: "Pay For Access" or "Pay for Work", quotation-based consultation services

How we Work?
How we Work?

“Pay For Access” or “Pay for Work”, quotation-based consultation services

Let’s collaborate

Would you want to discuss your ambitious project with us? You may contact us right now to arrange a video meeting. Please complete this form.

Discover DEISO Training: Delve into DEISO's cutting-edge, certified training in sustainability, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), LCA software and databases, GHG accounting, Carbon Footprint, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), and beyond. Uncover our comprehensive training portfolio here.


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