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Renewable Energy Business Services

DEISO delivers business services of development, planning, evaluation, and engineering services for renewable energy in close collaboration with our customers. We aim to contribute to cleaner, more resilient, net-zero carbon dioxide emissions of the local, regional, and global scales by helping our customers decarbonize. Our customers are industries, energy companies, government agencies, non-governmental agencies, technology developers, industries, entrepreneurs of the renewable energy business, and academia. We work on projects of small-scale to mid-scale. In general, we are currently focusing on these types of renewable energy: Solar Power Generation, Wind Power Generation, Biomass Energy, and Waste-to-Energy (WtE).

Our services:

  • Developing energy policies.
  • Road maps of renewable resources.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Market research.
  • Developing business cases.
  • Technical services.
  • Environmental impact assessment.
  • Stakeholder management.
  • Optimal waste management plans or scenarios for energy production and economic evaluation of each.
  • Electricity grid mix structure analysis and evaluations from multiple perspectives.

An Overview

We offer expert advice for the establishment of power generation projects and plans. Including feasibility studies risk assessment; guidance to grid mixes; suitable site selection; estimates of power generation amount; risk assessment, and examination of countermeasures relating to the environment and human health; and consultation management of waste generated such as ash. Our advisors are on operation and management planning with comprehensive environmental impact assessments. For the case of biomass energy, a diversified variety of fuels and methods are taken into account. We address biomass utilization issues, such as stable fuel supply, fuel and combustion management, and waste disposal strategies. We also focus on WtE plans, particularly for assisting developing countries with waste utilization, mitigating their environmental impacts, and using the waste to produce energy.

We also develop research on implementing renewable energy of each source. Besides, we offer Research and Development (R&D) on projects conducted through joint research with academic research institutes and laboratories.

Assessment of the Environmental Impacts

Our environmental impact assessment services aim to create a better environment and business plans and strategies from an environmental perspective for renewable energy project implementation. We offer environmental impact assessment services to all kinds of renewable energy and compare them to the current non-renewable plans in a particular city, region, or country. We assess the environmental benefits with comparison to the traditional power generation grid mix structure. The Grix Mix sources we evaluate are categorized as :(1) Thermal Power, (2) Hydro Power, (3) Nuclear Energy, and (4) Renewable Energy. These all include the following energy sources:

Biogas, Biomass, Coal Gases, Geo-Thermal, Hard Coal, Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), Hydro Power, Lignite, Natural Gas, Nuclear Energy, Peat, Photovoltaics, Solar Thermal, Wind Power, and WtE

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