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Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Aware of the urgency of GHG reduction, a growing number of heads of national governments, local governments, and businesses are committed to achieving the goal of net-zero emissions within their governments or businesses. At DEISO, we help cities and businesses to establish their own targets, monitor and report their emissions and help them reduce greenhouse gases.

We compute all the GHG emissions and help your company report them professionally. We offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans. You can choose a suitable plan to perform your company’s GHG emissions reporting. Based on the plan you choose, you can receive advanced LCA modeling other than Global Warming potential (GWP; Climate Change). We provide the LCA results based on up to four Life Cycle Impact Assessments (LCIA) methods.

DEISO delivers business services of development, planning, evaluation, and engineering services for renewable energy in close collaboration with our customers. We aim to contribute to cleaner, more resilient, net-zero carbon dioxide emissions of the local, regional, and global scales by helping our customers decarbonize. Our customers are industries, energy companies, government agencies, non-governmental agencies, technology developers, industries, entrepreneurs of the renewable energy business, and academia. We work on projects of small-scale to mid-scale. In general, we are currently focusing on these types of renewable energy: Solar Power Generation, Wind Power Generation, Biomass Energy, and Waste-to-Energy (WtE).

To help in GHG emissions reduction, DEISO provides professional All-in-One life cycle environmental assessment (LCA) services to improve environmental design, technology development, and manufacturing processes. Including, e.g., comprehensive environmental evaluation of a system, product, technology, or service from the cradle-to-grave, gate-to-gate, cradle-to-gate, and gate-to-grave evaluation. We consider part of the lifecycle or the entire cycle based on the customer needs: (1) extraction of raw materials phase, (2) production/manufacturing phase, (3) transportation phase, (4) the use phase of the product or technology, and (5) the end-of-life phase (the waste disposal or recycling).

Carbon offsetting is becoming increasingly important as global CO2 emissions are increasing at an alarming rate. Carbon offsetting is a powerful tool to help combat climate change. The advantage to offsetting carbon emissions is the reduction in their emissions. Depending on the type of offsetting project, they may bring numerous benefits to the environment as a whole and local, social, and biodiversity benefits. At DEISO,  we support carbon offsetting credits based on well-known and verified carbon standards and the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism. It is possible to buy carbon credits from various countries and regions around the world. In this way, carbon offsetting allows businesses to reduce carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits for carbon reduction projects. Every carbon credit results in a one-tone decrease in CO2 emissions. These offsetting projects can take the form of reafforestation, avoided deforestation, capturing of landfill gas or methane projects, renewable energy projects, such as solar photovoltaic and wind power, and more options. We can guide the appropriate carbon measurement standards and undertake complete assessments. Once the carbon quantity is determined, carbon credits can be purchased and withdrawn on your behalf at the appropriate level of assurance; retiring a carbon credit ensures that no one else can buy the credit.

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