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DEISO Services for Education and Training

Elevate your sustainability knowledge with DEISO training. Specialized courses in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), environmental topics, and sustainability. Empower you to drive a positive greener future.

DEISO is dedicated to supporting the education sector by providing customized training programs and specialized services. Whether you require remote or in-person training, research assistance services for university laboratories, or sustainable teaching education, DEISO has the expertise to enhance your educational experience.

DEISO’s training programs are designed to equip students, lecturers, and professors with the skills and knowledge required for a sustainable future. Our training portfolio includes:

  1. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Training:

   Benefits: Understand environmental impacts, optimize product life cycles, and foster sustainable decision-making.

   DEISO’s LCA training programs cover various methods, including the “Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method,” LCA for Experts (formerly “GaBi”), SimaPro, openLCA, MilCA, and ecoinvent database. Gain a comprehensive understanding of LCA methods and apply them to assess the environmental impacts of products and processes.

  1. WRATE LCA Software Training for Municipal Solid Waste Management:

   Benefits: Enhance waste management practices, reduce environmental impact, and optimize municipal solid waste processes.

   DEISO provides training on the WRATE LCA software, focusing on municipal solid waste management. Learn how to assess and optimize waste management practices, contributing to more sustainable and efficient processes.

  1. Integrated Waste Management Training with LCA:

   Benefits: Develop expertise in waste management, reduce waste, and promote circular economy principles.

   Our training programs cover integrated waste management, guiding participants in understanding the complexities of waste systems. Learn how to design and implement strategies to minimize waste generation, fostering a circular economy approach.

  1. Circular Economy Training:

   Benefits: Maximize resource efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and drive sustainability through circular economy principles.

   DEISO’s circular economy training empowers participants to understand and implement circular economy practices. Gain insights into maximizing resource efficiency, reducing waste, and contributing to a sustainable circular economy.

You can learn more about DEISO’s training offerings by visiting our Training Page.

Research assistance services for university laboratories

DEISO also provides research assistance services for university laboratories, offering expertise to support academic research projects. Our education services empower educators to incorporate sustainability into their teaching methods, inspiring the next generation of leaders to prioritize environmental responsibility. DEISO also helps with research projects for laboratories.

By choosing DEISO, you are choosing a partner committed to advancing sustainability in education. Contact us today to explore how our training programs and support services can enhance your educational experience and foster a culture of sustainability and innovation. Let’s shape a future where knowledge and sustainability go hand in hand.

Learn all about why to Choose DEISO Training: This page also includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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