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Do you need a quick help in LCA ?

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Per Hours Consultation Service

DEISO is an expert company in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). DEISO Provides a consultation service for LCA. The service is not intended for LCA projects; it is for people who need quick consultation for about 1 to 4 hours remotely.

Why DEISO LCA Consultation?

Key Features

  • Provided on demand.
  • Provided one-to-one.
  • Payment is processed fast.
  • Top LCA Experts provide consultation.
  • Scheduled fast, regardless of the time zone.
  • Delivered remotely (online)
  • We use high-tech remote meeting tools.
  • Knowledge transfer.
  • Skill transfer.
  • Professionally delivered.
  • Fast email communication and response time.
Scope of the Service

This scope of the service includes the following consultation topics:

  1. Planning and design of LCA projects.
  2. LCA ISO Standards 14040/14044
  3. Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data and databases.
  4. LCA software includes openLCA, LCA for Experts (formerly GaBi software), its databases, and SimaPro.
  5. LCA Models in LCA for Experts (formerly GaBi software), openLCA, and SimaPro.
  6. End of Life (EoL) LCA Modeling
  7. Upstream waste LCA  modeling
  8. Downstream waste LCA modeling
  9. LCA calculations by Microsoft Excel
  10. Carbon Footprint and GHG calculations by Microsoft Excel
  11. WRATE software for waste management modeling
  12. EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) Models in LCA for Experts (formerly GaBi software), openLCA, and SimaPro.
  13. Providing feedback on an LCA study/project.
  14. How to choose the most appropriate LCI database for your project
  15. Dealing with LCA data issues.
  16. Assistant on LCA modeling.
  17. How to write an academic paper from LCA results
  18. How to prepare an LCA report
  19. The ecoinvent database and most of the LCI databases
  20. Carbon Footprint
  21. Greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions
  22. Almost every topic is related to LCA and its industry-leading software.

1 hour

Order 1 hour of remote consultation on LCA.


$330 USD

2 hours

Order 2 hours of remote consultation on LCA

$660 USD

3 hours

Order 3 hours of remote consultation on LCA

$990 USD

4 hours

Order 4 hours of remote consultation on LCA

$1,320 USD

5+ Hours?

Request a Quotation for 5+ Hours of LCA Consultation for non-project excution.

Next Step:

What Happens Next After You Place the Order?

1. Within, typically, 24 hours, expect to receive an email from us to arrange remote consultation session(s) based on your ordered hours.

2. You’ll be asked to propose your availability, and once you do, we’ll confirm the schedule on our end.

3. Upon mutual agreement on the schedule, we’ll send Zoom invitations for the session(s) directly to your email and calendar.

4. We accept online payment only for LCA per-hour consultations.


Should you have any inquiries regarding your order, please contact us using our contact form.


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