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Report Making Service


A technical report’s aim is often scientific, professional purposes, or business-oriented, or to report annual company status, outcome, achievements, progress, and development. Also, an update of earlier published information or publishing specific or general findings. When your company or institute needs such kind of reports being professionally produced, your business needs expert writers and editors in these fields. We aid you in the production process of report writing (report production). We provide the writing, editing, and design processes by outsources these tasks to us.

Even an annual report is a way to present sales for a company, with business owners, customers, suppliers, and partners being the target markets. We work with the best of our team and do everything in our power to ensure that your project gets matched to the preparation and writing processes. With the specialized skill set to the writing, organizing, or edit knowledgeably on your topic.

We provide the report production service for the following topics:

    • Annual reports.
    • Business analysis reports.
    • Technical reports.
    • Data analytics and management.
    • Reports on market research.
    • Development of communications-focused reports.
    • Technical auditing reports.
    • Business reports.
    • Reports on topics related to the environment, sustainability, and stainable development issues.
    • Reports on municipal waste and e-waste management.
    • Reports on water-related issues.
    • Reports on energy-related issues.
    • Reports on agricultural topics.
    • Technical auditing.
    • Academic reports.
    • Reports of projects-outcome.
    • Portfolio reports.
    • Showcase reports.

How We Produce Your Business Report

We make interviews and meetings if needed to prepare your annual report: We collect contextual information and conduct interviews with employees, clients, or other stakeholders as needed.


The writing process: We present the overall story of the business, services, and progress, as well as the benefits your company wants to present online or to submit to other parties. We include an outline of the report, a summary, the key messages of each chapter and section. Along the way, we carefully review each page’s legibility, taking advantage of the information to split the text and find ways to make the content more impactful. We do so by taking advantage of visuals like infographics, diverse types of charts, data, and data visualization techniques. We also design and all the necessary illustrations.


Revision and finalization of the annual report: Each chapter’s iterative of the drafting and editing process will be reviewed and endorsed by all relevant stakeholders. Amendments will be made accordingly and as necessary. Typically, reports require a maximum of 2-3 cycles of review and revision. We make modifications, revisions until our customers are satisfied with the last version.

The design phase:  We can help you through the report’s graphic design phase, ensuring that the composition and the final design work together. We work with a team member of professionals, including graphic design, illustrators, photographers (if necessary), and proofreaders.


What Is the Cost of Preparing the Annual Report?

Every report project is unique in its nature, purpose, and amount of work required. We work on a project basis and provide you with a quotation according to the project scope, the number of pages or words needed, the amount of research and interviews needed, the design work, and the project deadline.

Note: Please note that some reports such as academic and technical reports, the author contributor, and our logo and information will appear on the report’s first page. This is not needed for business reports and annual reports; please consult with us.

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