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Within the Department of Sustainability Services (DEISO SUS), we focus on integrated environmental sustainability benefits. We integrate diverse techniques and strategies to bring our customers to sustainability-oriented businesses. These include expert judgment, interdisciplinary approaches, scientific methods, simulation, modeling techniques, data analysis, assessment models, market analysis, economic feasibility, strategic planning, and risk management, taking into account the local and global change, and global crises the COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic.

We present a vast range of continuous development services targeting sustainability demands and services to aid companies, industries, education, and academic institutions to promote and meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our well-planned services include, but are not limited to:

  • Services for the SDGs as well services for Education for Sustainable (ESD).
  • Renewable energy systems design, planning, analysis, and evaluation.
  • Agriculture and food systems.
  • Material Flow Analysis (MFA)
  • Circular economy indicators and assessment.
  • Sustainability
  • Chemical plant design, process simulation, and optimization.
  • Environmental design.
  • Life cycle analysis.
  • Health impact assessment.
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) evaluation for the entire product life cycle or process-specific evaluation, and LCA assistance.
  • Municipal solid waste and e-waste management and planning services for developing countries cooperate with international funding organizations. Our services include analysis, evaluation, predictions of waste quantities, inventory establishment of e-waste, developing and designing environmentally sound waste management systems, and evaluating alternative management systems with regards to the environmental consequences, cost, and profitability with comparison to the current waste management situation in a particular city, region, or country.

Besides, we offer professional  IT solutions to manage and monitor companies and the industry’s sustainable development systems and more. For more information about our IT Services and Solutions, please visit the dedicated website of our IT services at

Finally, with our integrated business approach that incorporates a business model of research-based approaches, the integrity of proven methodological approaches, and an original business concept, we aim to help our clients tackle the most pressing sustainability demands, providing them with efficient, more innovative, and productive services to achieve greater levels of sustainability. Also, to accelerate the transition to sustainable societies, respond to global changes, support our clients in determining the most relevant SDGs of their business, and achieve those goals. Monitoring them and measure the progress while maintaining their business profitable, fast-growing.


Features of Our Sustainability Services

Sustainability & Profitability-Focused Services

Scientific Research-Based

Integrated Concepts, Approaches, & Services

Based Original Business Concept

Designed for Companies, Industries, Education, & Academia

Designed for Cooperation with International Organizations

Efficient and Cost Effective

Designed for the ability to be delivered remotely


Capable to Utilize Cloud Services


Sustainability Consultation Subscription Plans

Skip to the Plans Contact US Empowering Environmental Sustainability: DEISO Consultation Models and Subscription Plans Get Start Today. DEISO, a pioneering sustainability and environmental assessment company, offers two consultation models: “Pay for Access” and “Pay for Work,” catering to different client needs and preferences. Pay for Access Model: This model operates on a monthly subscription

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Sustainability Independent Consultant (SIC) Training Programs

Training Benefits Training Plans Contact Us Embark on launching your own independent sustainability consultancy business by enrolling in our Professional and Advanced training programs. Get Start Today. DEISO company, a pioneer in environmental and sustainability training, offers “Sustainability Independent Consultant (SIC) Training Programs” that are designed for individuals from diverse backgrounds, such as industry, academia,

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Life Cycle Costing Analysis (LCCA)

Jump to Solutions Unlocking Business Sustainability: The Essence of Life Cycle Costing Analysis (LCCA) In an era where businesses navigate intricate landscapes of economic fluctuations and environmental consciousness, understanding the full spectrum of costs associated with a product, service, or project is paramount. Life Cycle Costing Analysis (LCCA) is a strategic approach that transcends traditional

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DEISO Upstream Waste Managmnet Services for Waste Generated From Production

Upstream Waste Solutions: DEISO Company’s Innovative Services for Sustainable Manufacturing

At DEISO Company, we recognize the pivotal role that upstream waste plays in shaping the environmental impact of manufacturing and production processes. Our suite of services is meticulously designed to address the challenges associated with upstream waste, offering innovative and sustainable solutions for industries striving to minimize their ecological footprint or waste. Life Cycle Assessment

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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Per Hours Consultation Service

Do you need a quick help in LCA ? Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Per Hours Consultation Service DEISO is an expert company in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). DEISO Provides a consultation service for LCA. The service is not intended for LCA projects; it is for people who need quick consultation for about 1 to 4

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Multi-Criteria Evaluations of Technology, Start-ups, & Projects

Capabilities Putting things together: A holistic, integrated, and life-thinking approach – Closing the loop of the circular economy, employing the power of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) & more. Life Cycle Assessment for Experts (GaBi Let’s collaborate Would you want to discuss your ambitious project with us? You may contact us right now to arrange a

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DEISO Services for Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Capabilities DEISO Services for Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Life Cycle Assessment for Experts (GaBi Life Cycle Assessment for Experts (GaBi DEISO Services for Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a document that aids businesses in describing how their products perform in the environment and could meet net-zero environmental disclosure standards. Environmental

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circular economy

Circular Economy Services

-A path to circularity, impact, and corporate values. From a linear to a circular economy, sustainably through data, consulting, and evaluation. Contact Us Circular Economy Services The circular economy is a sustainable alternative to our traditional linear economy. In a circular economy, waste is minimized, and resources are conserved. This reduces environmental pollution and saves

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Carbon Offsetting

Solutions Carbon offsetting is becoming increasingly important as global CO2 emissions are increasing at an alarming rate. Carbon offsetting is a powerful tool to help combat climate change. The advantage to offsetting carbon emissions is the reduction in their emissions. Depending on the type of offsetting project, they may bring numerous benefits to the environment

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Sustainability Services for Emerging Countries

Division of Africa & Middle East Under Development. The Division of Africa & MENA Region is currently in the process of being developed. The current services available are waste management services. Please visit its webpage here. Shall you have any inquiries? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected]. Explore our waste management

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