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Special Life Cycle Assessment Training Program: Manual Calculation Approach

 Special Features of the "Special LCA training Program/Course: Manual Calculation Approach."

Price: 2,390 USD / Trainee

  • Calculations done entirely by hand are a learning experience.
  • There is a brief summary/revision to LCA supplied.
  • An interactive learning environment.
  • Case study and examples to help you learn a cradle-to-gate case study practically
  • Learn how to use Excel and other visualization tools to depict the results fully intended for EPDs and LCAs.
  • Certified Program: receive a certificate (with extra charges)
  • Free hours of project consultancy for LCA/EPD and free hours of after-training follow-up
  • Cutting-edge web cameras with many viewing modes, the Zoom app, physical and digital whiteboards, and innovative technologies for remote training.
  • Projects and assignments to improve the educational process.
  • Case studies that use theory.
  • Fixable options for scheduling and attendance.
  • On-Demand. You may begin the training whenever you like.
  • A rapid enrollment procedure and program launch.
  • Delivered by a top LCA specialist in our company.
  • Recognize the distinctions between manual and computerized computations.
  • Learn the differences between openLCA, GaBi ts, and SimaPro and how they differ
  • Discover tips and techniques for speeding up Microsoft Excel computations.
  • Free email responses to your inquiries during the training time.
  • 2, 3, or 4 training sessions each week
  • 2 or 3 hours per session.
  • You may complete the course in 10 to 14 days with two or three hours of instruction every session.
  • 16 hours of instruction
  • Available on weekends: Weekend availability is Sunday and Saturday
  • Regardless of where you reside, we consider the time difference between your nation and Japan.
  • Visualization and examples aid in learning
  • Become familiar with the Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) or the databases of emission factors.
  • There is also a brief introduction to the open-source, free CA software.
  • Fully designed for both LCAs and EPDs
  • Comprehensive training approach.
  • Accelerated training approach
  • Suitable for people from the industry, academia, or postgraduate students.


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Manual Ttraining Program Example

Examination and certificate are available with extra charges

Enrollment & Schedule: On-demand training is offered as one-on-one or one-to-group online or in-person. The Zoom software and a real whiteboard are used for the remote training. Once the Program is ordered, depending on our trainer’s availability, it typically takes one business week to begin. The customer and trainer’s availability is considered while creating the schedule. Taking into account any time zone variations, we provide several Schedule alternatives for you to pick from

Here at DEISO, we provide a variety of training programs, including “Starter,” “Basic,” “Intermediate,” “Advanced,” and “Expert,” where you may learn more about each one and the differences between them here. The “Special LCA training Program: Manual Calculation Approach” is another service we provide to meet our clients’ demands fully.

The “Special LCA Training Program: Manual Calculation Approach” intends to teach participants how to perform a full Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) manually, using Microsoft Excel but without utilizing any LCA software, from the cradle to the grave. The main benefit of this course is that it provides thorough explanations of how LCA calculations operate in each of the phases of “classification,” “characterization,” “normalization,” “weighting,” and “Life Cycle Impact Assessment LCIA” through the use of a case study that includes the extraction of raw materials, transportation, production, use, and disposal through incineration, landfilling, and recycling. Additionally, it teaches participants how to calculate the credited emissions using the avoided emissions strategy.

Additionally, it explains the differences and calculation methods between the liner and matrix approaches to computations.

Who should attend this training: Participants with a suitable degree of LCA understanding are intended for this course. The system will initially undergo a quick review and overview of LCA. Still, it won’t be taught the theory of LCA in depth. It will put more of an emphasis on manual computations.


The ideal training will depend on whether you want to learn manual LCA computation for LCA studies or Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) reports. You may use the application to present the findings in an LCA or EPD report.

This training is given on demand as one-to-one or one-to-group instruction utilizing the Zoom application and a real whiteboard, either remotely online or in person at our company’s training facility.

It is a per-person cost. A Request for a Quote for 2+ Trainees can be submitted here.

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