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Features of the Department Services

Designed to Support Students, Researchers, Faculty, & University Laboratories

Can be Delivered Online (Remotely) & Offline

High Level of Proficiency in Standards.


Efficient & Cost-Effective

Designed for Multi Scale Projects

For Education

To enhance postgraduate education and research, we provide master’s and doctoral students at the Department of Education & Academic Support (DEISO EDU) with professional academic services, including teaching courses with practical applications and real-life scenarios, supervision, guidance, and consultation.

To respond to the global crises and their impacts on education, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, we develop strategic online educational services utilizing modern technologies.

We also provide offline teaching courses, training, and seminars—all in a topic related to environmental sciences, environmental engineering, and sustainability-related majors. We also offer pre-publication reviews, feedback, and guidance services on papers and thesis. Besides, we offer to teach academic writing and publication courses and comprehensive advice on academic and research work with a high level of proficiency in standards.

  • Reviews and guidance on the processes of the writing of master and doctoral thesis.
  • Postgraduate academic support and advice services.
  • Online learning, teaching, education workshops, and seminars.

For Academia

We support the academic community in its research and development, research projects, data, and publications for researchers, teachers, faculty, and university laboratories. Our services of the academic domain include (1) support in conducting research work, (2) evaluation studies, (3) literature reviews, (4) data extraction, (5) provision of data, tools, and software as DEISO is a re-seller of several data and software vendors, (6) pre-publication reviews, feedback, and services on journal papers, technical reports, and books with high proficiency standards. We also provide advice and support services for research development projects. Finally, we offer sustainable implementation (ESD) education in educational curricula to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  1. Pre-publishing reviews of journal papers.
  2. Collaborations in joint research projects.
  3. Data services.
  4. Literature reviews.
  5. Data mining.
  6. Development of research projects.
  7. Academic support.
  8. ESD and SDGs support.

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