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We incorporate sustainability, sustainable development, environmental solutions, education, academia, and industry with our professional IT services and solutions. We support our customers in their digital transformation, monitor and track their activities with personalized and fully managed IT solutions and services and cloud-based solutions. Including as well, web development, online presence, website creation, branding, marketing, server hosting, IT management, and much more.


Within the Department of IT Services & Solutions (DEISO IT), we deliver fully managed IT services and solutions to our customers, implementing and anticipating their IT needs. We develop customized IT solutions that meet their needs. We help our customers focus on their operational progress, keep them in service, get them up and running smoothly and present them online with our professional and modern web design and development services. All these duties, by outsourcing the IT requirements to our side. Such IT services include web design, web development, branding, online presence, web hosting, server hosting, webserver management, customized software development, webserver management, systems back up, web server backups, maintenance, troubleshooting, and IT consultancy. To find out more about what we offer in information technologies, please consult our website dedicated to IT (DEISO IT).
  • Development of customized software and IT solutions.
  • Web design and development.
  • Shared web hosting.
  • Webserver hosting.
  • Online identity and branding.
  • Online marketing.
  • Websites renewal.
  • Websites transfer.
  • Websites backup.
  • System backups.
  • System maintenance.
  • Troubleshooting of critical problems.
  • Configuration of business emails.
  • Webservers management.
  • Computer networking.
  • IT consultancy.
  • Graphic design.
  • Logo design.
  • WordPress services.
  • IT management.
  • Updates and
  • Implementation of third-party web-based solutions.
  • Digital media production and publishing.
  • Remote technical support.
  • And more.

Features of the Department Services

Delivered Remotely

Efficient and Cost-Effective

Professional & Powerful On-Demand Services

A Wide Range of Services

Outstanding Technical Support

Remote Technical Support

Includes Web Design & Development

Includes Web Hosting Services with Customized Plans

Includes Customized Software and Cloud Apps Developments


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