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Service Overview

Certification for individuals and business: We issue professional certification of “Expert of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA),” “Expert of Sustainability,” “Expert of Municipal Solid Waste Management,” “Expert of E-Waste Management,” and “Expert of Waste Management.” The last one is for both municipal and e-waste experts, for individuals. We also issue CO2 Reduction Certificate for companies, businesses, and industries.

Following a systematic procedure of interviews, examinations, and training whenever is necessary for the “expert certificates” for individuals. For CO2 Reduction Certificate, we issue these certificates after in-depth environmental evaluation and analysis and comparison between the previous state and the current state of a company, business, or industry’s environmental performance. Please see the certification page for the details procedure, the application process, and the required scores.

Certification Services

  • “CO2 Reduction Certificate” (for companies and industries).
  • Certified “Expert of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).”: DEISO LCA or DEISO LCA  ++
  • Certified “Expert of Sustainability.”
  • Certified “Expert of Municipal Solid Waste Management.”
  • Certified “Expert of E-Waste Management.”
  • Certified “Expert of Waste Management.”

Get certified for the basics of LCA: LCA methodology, mathematical calculations with MS-Excel, applications, case studies, Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data training, learn openLCA, preliminary results interpretation and visualization, basic LCA modeling, basic scenario development skills, electricity grid mix analysis. The focus of the certificate is not only climate change but additional ten environmental and health issues.

The features of the “DEISO LCA” certificate plus: Advanced LCA modeling, in-depth applications and case studies, training for more additional LCI databases, learn openLCA, GaBi ts, and SimaPro, LCI data estimation techniques, in-depth results interpretation, analysis, and visualization, scenario development, sensitivity analysis, uncertainty analysis, parameter analysis, incorporate LCA with other methodologies.

Professional Training ➔ Assignments and Projects ➔ Examination ➔ Pass ➔ Certification

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Discover DEISO Training: Delve into DEISO's cutting-edge, certified training in sustainability, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), LCA software and databases, GHG accounting, Carbon Footprint, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), and beyond. Uncover our comprehensive training portfolio here.


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