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Login to DEISO Spectrum 2.0

What is DEISO Spectrum?

DEISO Spectrum is a cloud-based platform for DEISO's training clients to streamline the process of managing client training courses on the cloud. The platform boasts various features to enhance the learning journey, including material sharing, file management, assignment submission and feedback, detailed explanations, and the issuance of course completion certificates.

Powered by Moodle

Moodle Powers DEISO Spectrum: A Testament to Reliability
The Moodle platform is at the core of DEISO Spectrum, a widely acclaimed open-source learning management system. Moodle's versatility and reliability contribute significantly to the success of DEISO Spectrum, ensuring a stable and secure environment for clients to access their training materials.

Mobile Accessibility: Learning on the Go

Recognizing the need for flexibility in today's fast-paced world, DEISO Spectrum ensures that trainees can access their courses anytime, anywhere. The platform offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, which are available for download at The mobile app allows users to integrate their learning experience into their busy schedules seamlessly.

Logging in on the Mobile App:

  1. The link for users accessing "DEISO Spectrum 1.0" (Old Spectrum) is
  2. For users accessing "DEISO Spectrum 2.0," the link is
  3. Enter the username and password to gain access to the platform.


Insert Spectrum URL:

Spectrum Step 1

Spectrum Step 1

Insert Login Info:

Spectrum Step 2

Spectrum Step 2

Change Notification Settings:

It is important to go to the "Notifications" settings by cliging on your profile image, then "Preferances" then "Notification" and enable any vital notifications "puch notification" via the app:

Spectrum Notifications

Spectrum Notifications

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