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Research Services

R&D, academic research, market research, data-related research, and other types of research services are available.
  • Data driven
  • Based on academic and industrial expertise
  • Complete transparency
  • Well documented
  • Collaborative based
  • Multidisplinary
  • Multidimensional


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Life Cycle Assessment services cover all areas and demands of organizations for LCA, environmental impact assessment, and performance evaluation. Development of products and technologies
  • Complete command of LCA.
  • 12+ years of LCA experience
  • Knowledge of emission factors is extensive.
  • Extensive knowledge on Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) databases
  • Very well documented
  • Complete transparency
  • Efficient and fast
  • Covers any projects regarding their industry or scope
  • Covers any projects regarding their industry or scope
  • Handling technical data with professionalism



Development & Consulting

One of our core services are designed for human resources development, professional training, consulting, and advice, and consulting. They strive to build and thrive your organization by focusing on growing people's knowledge, skills, and abilities and providing science-based counsel to your company.
  • Professional & advanced training
  • tailored consultation and advice
  • Fixable business models
  • Focuses on people
  • knowledge transfer
  • Building skills

Education & Academic

The education and academic services are intended to serve our educational and research clients. We provide a wide range of services to academics, university professors, educators, academic researchers, and postgraduate students.
  • Academic inclination
  • Allows academics to concentrate on their projects.
  • Acceleration of the project
  • Student assistance
  • A wide range of academic subjects
  • Price reductions for educational purposes



Our cloud-based solutions and subscription-based plans are the solutions we provide, with a selection of options to suit your demands and budget. The DEISO GHG Reporting solution, for example, is one of the leading services to digitalize and visualize your organization's GHG emissions from Scopes 1-3.
  • Based on a subscription
  • Various subscription plans are available.
  • Project customized plans
  • Industrial focused
  • Hassle-free on the cloud


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Discover DEISO Training: Delve into DEISO's cutting-edge, certified training in sustainability, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), LCA software and databases, GHG accounting, Carbon Footprint, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), and beyond. Uncover our comprehensive training portfolio here.


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