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DEISO Introduces SimaPro Ultimate Training Plan for Comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

DEISO Company, a pioneer in sustainable training programs and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) training, has launched its latest SimaPro training plan series – “SimaPro Ultimate Training Program.” This comprehensive training program is tailored to meet the evolving needs of both industry professionals and academia, providing in-depth knowledge and skills required for effective Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) using SimaPro.

Key Features of SimaPro Ultimate Training Plan:

  1. Allocation Techniques: Delve into advanced allocation methodologies to distribute environmental burdens precisely in complex systems.
  2. Disassembly Modeling: Explore the intricacies of disassembly modeling, allowing users to analyze the environmental impact of the individual components in a system when disassembled for, e.g., recycling.
  3. Life Cycle Costing (LCCA) with MS Excel: A hands-on module combining SimaPro parameters with Microsoft Excel to integrate Life Cycle Costing into your sustainability assessments.
  4. Sensitivity Analysis with MS Excel: Learn how to perform robust sensitivity analysis using SimaPro data and Microsoft Excel for more accurate and insightful results with SimaPro parameters.
  5. Credit Modeling of Energy and Materials: Understand the credit modeling of thermal and power energy and materials recycling to evaluate the environmental benefits comprehensively.
  6. Advanced Full Life Cycle Stages Modeling: Go beyond the basics with advanced modeling techniques for each life cycle stage (Produtc Stages) such as “production, “transportation“, Use“, “reuse“, and “End-ofLife“, Etc., ensuring a nuanced understanding of the environmental impacts.
  7. More Case Studies: Benefit from a rich array of case studies to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, enhancing practical proficiency.
  8. Waste Management Scenario Modeling: Model the types of waste in your scenario to support the full life cycle.

Updates Across the DEISO SimaPro Training Plans Series:

DEISO has also revamped its existing SimaPro training plans series, including the “Student,” “Academic Researcher,” “Professional,” “Expert,” and “Expert+.” The updates include new content on calcium, materials, and exciting features to provide a more immersive and enriched learning experience.

Learn More:

For more information about the “DEISO SimaPro Ultimate Training” plan and other plans, visit

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