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We are hiring a Senior Administrative and Technical Assistant (urgently)

Senior Administrative and Technical Assistant (Job ID: DSJOB2218)

Important Note: To be considered for this position, a candidate must reside in Tochigi city, Japan, and possess complete Japanese proficiency and business-level English. Japanese-English interpretation skills are required. Applications must be submitted via email to along with a complete CV and cover letter. This is an onsite job (not remote or hybrid work).

Basic Information

Job Title: Senior Administrative and Technical Assistant

Job Description: We urgently seek a Senior Administrative and Technical Assistant. They can respond to clients’ inquiries from companies in Japan (in Japanese) and international companies (in English) and perform office management daily tasks. Japanese language ability is a must. We welcome candidates with positive, friendly, modest, and positive attitudes who can work in an international business environment.

As part of the DEISO business, you will play a central role in understanding our services and working with experts (English communication) to maintain the DEISO (DESIO) business with client relationships.

Report to: CEO and Director of Research (R&D).

Languages required: Full Japanese proficiency and English business level.

Location: Tochigi, Ohiramacghi Tomida 5207-4 Izumiya 2F, DEISO LLC. 329-4404

Nearest Stations:

(1) Shin Ohirashita station (Tubo line, 2 minutes by walking).

 and (2) Ohirashita station (JR Line, 16 minutes by walking).

Type Of Work: Part-time job with the possibility of a full-time contract based on performance, value-added, and contribution to the company.

Salary: 1500 JPY/Hour~2000/Hour

Bonus: Employees get a 10-20% bonus for each project they bring in (Based on the scale of the project).

Deadline: Until the position is filled.

Job ID: DSJOB2218


  1. Japanese-English interpretation skills or abilities.
  2. Business Level of English.
  3. Microsoft Office: MS Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Outlook, MS-OneNote, Zoom, MS-Teams, and other web applications.
  4. Preferably to have English-Japanese interpretation work experience and experience supporting foreign companies in Japan.
  5. Ability to grasp technical concepts related to the environment.
  6. Basic accounting skills.
  7. Positive, friendly, modest, and positive attitude.

Job Tasks (depending on the work required every day as they vary from day to day)

  • English-Japanese Interpretation during remote and face-to-face meetings in the office and surrounding cities to Tochigi (transportation & lunch are paid for every physical meeting).
  • Support the CEO by performing organizational and communication-related tasks.
  • Coordinate training programs conducted in the company or remotely with Japanese and international clients.
  • Provide administrative support for the smooth running of the company.
  • Provide information as a response to questions and requests by the top management.
  • Answered telephone calls/faxes, and emails, arranged meetings, and support
  • Perform administration tasks such as filing, typing, copying, binding, scanning, data entry, etc.
  • Manage accounts and perform bookkeeping (with the free web software
  • Management of bills, invoices, receipts, quotations, etc.
  • Prepare and send quotations to clients.
  • Filling out and submitting applications in Japanese.
  • Document translation from English to Japanese.
  • Preparing client documents in Japanese and English.
  • Manage and maintain digital and physical filing systems.
  • Arrange for CEO travel, such as booking flights and hotels.
  • Maintain supplies by checking inventory to determine inventory levels, schedule supplies, and place and expedite supply orders.
  • Email marketing: Send promotional emails and newsletters to potential clients.
  • Social Network Marketing: Periodically post-marketing posts on social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, line, Twitter, etc. in Japanese) and running paid campaigns on Google (in Japanese).
  • Provide orientation to new employees.

Language Requirement:

  • Full Japanese language proficiency and a business level of English communication are necessary.
  • Interpretation skills of Japanese-English and document translation to Japanese whenever are needed).


  • Full familiarity with Japanese business culture
  • Demonstrate courtesy and professionalism by communicating by telephone and email
  • Reporting skills.
  • Proficiency in administrative writing.
  • Task management.
  • Time management and productivity skills.
  • Analyzing information.
  • Understanding of taxation and basic accounting.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Client management from different cultures
  • Knowledge of communication & remote working tools.
  • Able to meet deadlines.

Education And Experience Required:

A Bachelor’s degree is required and preferred in Natural Sciences (any science-related major is welcomed).


  • At least three years of experience as an Administrative Assistant work/company daily management/client relationships/interpretations/translation.
  • Knowledge of environmental business services or technical-based business and the concept of sustainable development is a plus.

Your Benefits:

  • The wage is subject to increase based on contribution to the company.
  • Promotion to a full-time employee (including social insurance and transportation allowance) based on contribution and the added value to the company.
  • 10-20% bonus for the project brought to the company by you) percentage depends on the scale of the project and is subjected to an increase).
  • Learn new multimilitary topics and skills, and work in an international business environment.
  • Receive several technical training programs.
  • Receive basic and advanced IT-related training.
  • Develop new soft and hard skills.
  • Work with international clients.
  • Work with clients from different cultures all around the world.


Please send your complete curriculum vitae, including your email address and telephone number, to with a cover letter in English highlighting your qualifications related to the job and your key skills focused on the job requirements. Please indicate the position title or job ID number on the email’s subject line. If you have any inquiries, please contact us at

Interview Only successful applicants will be contacted for interviews at the company location.


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