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A vacancy for a database engineer is open

Job description

The database engineer of this position is responsible for designing, creating, implementing, updating, and working with databases schema, importing, exporting, and integrating existing databases in desktop-based software and cloud applications. The database engineer also implements optimized, secured, and cohesive database design and then utilizes data replication schemes to create consistency across distributed database sets.

The database engineer will extensively involve a team of researchers, programmers, and designers to develop environmental desktop software and cloud-based applications that serve a wide range of industries as a product. The database engineer is expected to contribute to the product’s development fully.

Day-to-day/week-to-week tasks include:
  • Collecting and prioritizing requirements for data management software (in desktop and cloud environments). This includes conceptualizing, gathering, and prioritizing product requirements involving overlapping disciplines, including business mapping, business processes, and external partners. Develops specifications for data warehousing systems web services, performs capacity planning analysis, gathering cost information from vendors of equipment/services – Demonstrated extensive expertise in MS SQL Server administration technologies such as Writing SQL queries.
  • Developing database selection criteria based on business requirements, personally responsible for database design and implementation work that adheres to internal coding standards and practices, personally selecting the appropriate structures from implemented prospective systems to meet application requirements.
  • Execute ongoing monitoring and tuning of database performance as assigned.
  • Create periodic reports describing performance metrics as needed.
  • Assist technical staff with database design.
  • Design, create and implement extensive databases n desktop or cloud-based environment
  • Integrate existing databases on desktop or cloud-based environment
  • The designs database schema, including tables that may be replicated from one set of cubicles to another set of cubicles
  • Data modeling with an emphasis on security and database size
  • Optimizing database designs for improved performance and driven by capacity planning considerations
  • Database administration focuses on security, best practices, and disaster recovery planning.
  • Work experience of 2-5 years in database development.
  • Bachelor’s degree in IT engineering or computer science.
  • Ability to demonstrate-present a database project implemented in the applicant’s career.
  • An existing online coding platform for the applicant coding work such as GitHub.
  • Work experience using concepts of relational databases.
  • Experience with at least 2 of the following: languages like PHP, Python SQL.
  • Experience with Google Cloud and Amazon Architectures
  • Have an environmental or sustainability background or ability to learn environmental-related concepts such as GHG accounting, carbon footprinting, supply chain, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), material flow analysis, waste management. etc.
Key Skills:
  • Data modeling.
  • Data architecture.
  • Database design.
  • Integrating existing databases of third-party vendors of various file formats in desktop and cloud-based environments.
  • Database queries
  • Database optimization and tweaks.
  • Databases encryption.
  • Agile.
  • Troubleshooting & problem-solving skills
  • Familiarities with .Net and Java. An ability to work and collaborate effectively with .Net and Java programmers.
  • Familiarities with online dashboards
  • Reporting, documentation, and backup skills.
  • Knowledge of C/C++ is an added value.

Deadline: Until the position is filled.

How to apply:

Please submit your complete resume to with a cover letter demonstrating:

  • Your experiences in the database field.
  • Your skills are related to database engineering.
  • Projects and achievements related to the position.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

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