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Green Claim Directive (GCD)

Green Claim Directive (GCD)

Full compliance with the European Green Transition Directive (ECGT) and Green Claim Directive (GCD) – Read more at

Green Claim Directive (GCD)

The Empowering Consumers for the Green Transition Directive (ECGT) for Green Claim Directive (GCD), which the European Parliament recently approved, is a major step in the right direction toward ending misleading business tactics that prevent customers from making ecologically friendly decisions. This regulation, which will be included in national laws across the European Union (EU), intends to outlaw greenwashing in all its manifestations, focusing on deceptive claims of being carbon neutral.

The new regulation would limit items’ ability to be classified as “eco” or “green” unless they outperform their conventional equivalents regarding total environmental effect. It will be necessary to get certification from respectable programs like the EU Ecolabel. The law also requires strict control of sustainability labels, including verification, to guarantee their validity and dependability.

Member states will have two years to incorporate the new regulation into their national laws when the Directive is formally published in the European Union’s Official Journal. Proponents are keeping a careful eye on creating additional regulations, such as the Green Claims Directive, which will specify the standards for demonstrating and disclosing green credentials. EU negotiators have agreed upon the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) framework, and sector-specific regulations will likely follow in the next years. Meanwhile, the Right to Repair Initiative is moving forward and may be enacted before elections.

On January 17, 2024, the European Parliament approved the newly passed Directive on Empowering Consumers for the Green Transition (ECGT).

What is Green Claim Directive (GCD):

The Green Claims Directive (GCD), formally recognized as the Directive on the Verifiability and Communication of Environmental Product Claims, represents a legislative initiative by the European Union aimed at shielding consumers and businesses from deceptive greenwashing practices.

What does this mean about LCA:

This development carries substantial implications for various stakeholders, including companies, consultants, and those involved in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analyses. Firstly, there is a notable shift in the status of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), as it transforms from being considered an “optional” method to becoming an “essential” approach for substantiating green claims. This transition underscores the growing emphasis on transparency and environmental accountability in promoting sustainable practices.

Secondly, adopting the Green Claims Directive (GCD) introduces a heightened standard for LCA studies. Companies and consultants assessing the environmental impact of products or processes must meet stringent criteria outlined in the GCD. This signifies a departure from lax practices and underscores the necessity for a robust and credible approach to LCA studies.

These changes reflect a broader commitment to enhancing the integrity of green claims within the industry. The shift towards making LCA an indispensable tool for validating environmental assertions underscores businesses’ need to adopt more sustainable practices and ensure their claims align with rigorous standards set by the Green Claims Directive.

Learn more at the Europen Environmental Bureau (EEP) website.

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