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Environmental Sustainability, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), GHG Emissions and Accounting (Scopes 1-3), Net-Zero Emissions, Waste Management, and Resource Utilization (electronic, municipal, chemical, industrial, and hazardous waste), Waste Treatment Technologies, Sustainable Development, Sustainability, Cleaner Production, Industrial Ecology, Sustainability Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment, CO2 Utilization & Reduction, GHG & LCA Digitalizing, Technology Evaluation, Agribusiness, Chemical Processes (modeling, simulation, and optimization), Renewable Energy, Digital Transformation, Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG), Circular Economy.


  • Former Academic Researcher at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University, Japan
  • Formal Researcher at the Department of Environmental Systems Engineering, College of Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University, Japan.
  • Formal Senior Consultant at Cimbria consulting, Texas U.S.
  • Formal Researcher & Project Specialist at TCO2 Co., Ltd., Japan.
  • Ph.D. degree in Sustainability Science, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Japan.
  • Master of Environmental Sciences, Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Japan.
  • Bachelor of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Jordan.
  • Certificate of “Environmental Diplomatic Leader Educational Program” (University of Tsukuba, Japan).
  • Certificate of “Japan Global 30 Waste Management Expert Course” (University of Tsukuba, Japan).
  • Certificate of “International Collaborative Environmental Program” (University of Tsukuba, Japan).
  • Certificate of “Project Cycle Management (PCM)” (University of Tsukuba, Japan).
  • Certificate of “Graduate Program in Sustainability Science – Global Leadership Initiative” (GPSS-GLI; The University of Tokyo, Japan).


Dr. Ikhlayel is a Ph.D. graduate from The University of Tokyo in Sustainability Science. Utilizing his engineering, environmental science, and sustainability science educational backgrounds and work experiences, he works on multidisciplinary research focusing on sustainability challenges, particularly how to figure out realistic “win-win” solutions for today’s most complex environmental and sustainable development challenges. His research framework utilizes interdisciplinary methodologies, life cycle thinking, integrated and holistic approaches.

He obtained his M.Sc. in Environmental Science from the University of Tsukuba in Japan. Dr. Ikhlayel has several years of professional experience in businesses and academia. He worked in Sustainability Researcher and Consultant roles in Tokyo. Later, he worked in a Senior Consultant role at Cimbria Consulting, Texas, United States. Later he worked in a researcher position at Ritsumeikan University and a Ph.D. graduate co-advisor at the Department of Environmental Systems Engineering. An Academic Researcher at Tohoku University in Japan at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering. He has professional and outstanding records of scholarly publications and academic contributions

Dr. Ikhlayel is the DEISO’s Research Director. He works on interdisciplinary research on sustainability challenges with sustainability m methods such as life cycle thinking (with LCA), material flow analysis, what-if analysis, evaluation, and integrated approaches. His core research expertise includes, but is not limited to, sustainable development, cleaner production; industrial ecology; environmental impact assessment; technology evaluation; and waste management and utilization.

Dr. Ikhlayel is also an invited peer-reviewer. Since 2017, it has reviewed 125+ peer-reviewed journal papers across 15+ international journals. Journals such as the Journal of Cleaner Production, Environmental Management; Resources, Conservation, and Recycling; Waste Management; and Sustainability. He has also reviewed book proposals, e.g., for Elsevier, John Wiley & Sons. His verified reviews are available at Publons.

Publications & Research Work:

Publications and academic contributions are available on Google Scholar.

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Dr. Mahdi Ikhlayel

Mahdi Ikhlayel, Ph.D.  

Director of Research (R&D), DEISO

Electronics & Communications Engineer

Ph.D. in Sustainability Science,
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences.
The University of Tokyo, Japan.

MSc. in Environmental Sciences,
University of Tsukuba, Japan

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