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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Services


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LCA Projects

LCA Services for Project Excustion

The DEISO FoodMetals Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) Database is a valuable resource that provides access to comprehensive data on the environmental impacts of food and metal production processes.

LCA Data

DEISO MetalsFood LCI Database

Get access to the DEISO FoodMetals Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) Database. Accessing the DEISO FoodMetals LCI Database can be extremely useful for individuals or businesses who are interested in conducting research related to food and metal products. 


DEISO LCA Training Services

DEISO training services cover all topics and software related to LCA including SimaPro, LCA for Experts (GaBi), openLCA, MMiLCA, WRATE for LCAS for waste management, ecoinvent training, and much more


Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Projects

DEISO executes  EPD studies, which involves gathering data, analyzing the environmental impact, and preparing the EPD document and EPD report preparation

LCA Projects

LCA Per Hour Consultation

Obtain expert LCA consultation for LCA/EPD projects, LCA data, and LCA software, including GaBi, openLCA, and SimaPro, as well as LCA data consultation and more. Get expert consultation for a per-hour rate.

LCA Data

Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) Data Estimation

DEISO estimates Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data, empowering businesses with reliable insights for sustainable decision-making. DEISO offers hard-to-get data on municipal solid waste management and other industries.

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Discover DEISO Training: Delve into DEISO's cutting-edge, certified training in sustainability, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), LCA software and databases, GHG accounting, Carbon Footprint, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), and beyond. Uncover our comprehensive training portfolio here.


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